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230 Second Street SE, Suite 200 Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: 319.366.7300 Toll-Free: 800.235.4770 Fax: 319.862.0754

Advantage Investment Management

RIA Platform

Founded in 2001 as a traditional producer alliance, Advantage Financial Group (“AFG”) is now a privately-held professional partnership based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Along with Advantage Investment Management, a wholly owned subsidiary, AFG has office locations in 12 U.S. states, and provides a diverse range of independent financial advisors with access to the financial products, intellectual capital and specialized resources they require to address their clients’ sophisticated financial needs.

We accomplish this through a unique practice structure that is governed by advisors, managed by proven leaders, and committed to improving advisors’ growth and efficiency. By joining the AFG team, you benefit from:

Alignment-based ownership

  • Where partnership structure aligns all interests

Advisor-driven platform

  • Where business is enhanced through advisor-centric business solutions

Vision-inspired community

  • Where frictionless idea exchange creates value