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230 Second Street SE, Suite 200 Cedar Rapids, IA 52401
Phone: 319.366.7300 Toll-Free: 800.235.4770 Fax: 319.862.0754

Advantage Investment Management

Our History

Advantage Investment Management (“AIM”), a SEC Registered Investment Advisor, was created in 2008 to satisfy the need for a customized investment platform that diversifies assets within a broad range of investment vehicles. These vehicles in turn provide a “risk adjusted” return that helps clients pursue their financial goals. Through AIM, our advisors are able to control the mechanism for their advisory services and provide a truly exceptional standard of care.

AIM provides the documentation and mediums needed to help both advisors and clients pursue their goals. The platform also provides the perfect combination of sophistication and ease, allowing our advisors the time to focus on what is most important—building client relationships by representing their best interests. AIM’s sophistication can be seen in its asset management and reporting tools—like an institutional manager, advisors are able to build and manage model portfolios specifically for your clients’ interests.