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Advantage Investment Management

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The transition from growing your assets to creating a steady flow of income to support yourself through retirement can be difficult. At Advantage Investment Management (“AIM”), we take the steps necessary in order to phase you into retirement with a distribution plan for your assets that suit your specific needs. We know that maintaining your existing standard of living is important, so we work with you to understand your current situation and develop a distribution strategy that fits your lifestyle. Moving out of the accumulation phase involves a lot of preparation, including groundwork on any legacy and estate topics. We work closely with your accountants and estate attorneys to make sure that the money you have saved will translate into retirement and, if desired, onto the next generation.

When choosing a financial advisor, it is important to consider how this professional is compensated. AIM provides fee-based financial planning to clients, which charges services on an hourly or salary basis. By working with an AIM advisor, you are guaranteed to receive non-biased, objective advice through this compensation model and will never have products pushed upon you by our advisory team.